Friday, March 25, 2011

How Much Do You Spend?

Everytime people greet me, one of the question that will be asked is this; "How much had you spent on the car?"

Even me myself asked the same question; how much had I spent on the car? So lets do some maths. I'll only calculate on the upgrading, and repairing. Tires, runner, and maintenance (engine oil, etc) will not be included. So lets get going. Oh, its just an estimation and the currency is in Ringgit Malaysia.

Once upon a time..

11000 - The car. (Okay, I only have 9000 that time. 2000 was given to me by my parents. Happy?)
90 - Bullet mirror. (Now it cost RM300+ for the same mirror.)
900 - Advan Oni and spacers.
200 - Tinted. (Which did not pass Puspakom inspection later on. Zzzz.)
500 - Brand new re-pro complete DX set.
1400 - Paint job.
500 - New BOV, intercooler hoses.
400 - Exhaust and cable plug.
150 - Ultra Racing bar.
350 - Half cage.
1300 - Top overhaul.
500 - Plus minus the miscellaneous stuffs.
17000 - Total.

After the car failed the inspection when I tried to sell it, here's the second life of the car:

5000 - Engine, LSD, coilover, workmanship and etc.
200 - Exhaust work.
700 - Work Equip 01.
250 - Nardi.
350 - Sound system.
500 - Wiring job.
600 - KE74 facelift.
500 - Custom bodywork and paint job.
400 - Plus minus the miscellaneous stuffs.
8500 - Total.

17000 + 8500 = 25500.

I'm sure the actual cost is more than this. So where does the money come from? MLM (:D), selling car parts, photography job, savings from pocket money and etc. How much had you guys spent on your car?


ellmiesupreme said...

hahaha lebih kurang aku punya costing jugak la..

Rosso said...

Last time aku keep track overall, dekat-dekat 30k juga actually. Ni aku buat based on gambar kat Facebook yang aku update je.

Vince said...

mine about 40k Including car :D
But it is worth it (for me la). hahhaha

Amer A. said...

good track of money spending.
bleh la buat jd rough estimation.


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