Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project : Face Lifted. Part I.

Rolla had been inside workshop for like a week already. Progress is pretty slow as I told them to take their time especially when it comes to wiring stuff. Others? I do it myself to save up their time. Plus why not? Its my own car. Anyway, the car is at Speedster Garage just in case you guys are searching for a suitable workshop to do stuffs. Been spending my time a lot there now.

Goodbye DX face. Not gonna use you anymore.

Also took the opportunity to install the anti-roll bar. Red color looks striking on the plain bottom.

Selling my used chrome bumper for RM230. Complete stuff and also bought new last year. Except for the plate no which I will use it back. :P

Earlier, the plan was to convert to a GL facelift. Which then I got a GL set when I swapped everything from my DX with a friend. Shown here was during the painting process. This time I am only going to use can spray to save budget. Used up to 6 cans for white color and clear coat. This will do for the time being.

After taking some time and few seller approach me with a different type of face lift, I decided to go for it and instead of swapping to GL, I am going to use the KE74 face lift. Which is quite rare and pretty expensive. Shown here is the RG bumper. Bought a used one. Reason wise? I want the bracket.

Bumper is from Perlis, while the face lift is from Penang. Here's another box arrived at the same week. A complete set of KE74 face, a new RG side cap and a new RG signal.

Still in a good condition. Thanks to the honest seller from Penang.

End of Part I.

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