Saturday, March 19, 2011

KE70 Variants.

Finally at home again with a proper internet. Celcom Broadband sucks. Anyway, its time to do some updates. A week ago I learned that there's a few more types of model for Corolla KE70. Other than the three common type, there's a few more actually.

First, the DX. Which have a quad headlight feature.

Then, there's also a DX Blackbelt. Which feature a small square head lamp.

And finally the GL facelift.

And the not so famous; which I called slanting face. Mostly on wagon here in Malaysia.

And then, after lurking and asking around a seller during my purchase, only then I knew that there's three more types for wagon version. From what I understand,

This is a KE72. Confirm fit a GL fender set and a Blackbelt face. Mix-match combo.

And this is a KE74. Different type of fender and still retain the same square headlamp for Blackbelt and KE72.

And finally, the rarest of em all, the KE76. Actually the same with KE74 but with different grill.

As you can see, most wagon were fitted with an RG bumper. Its different from the DX nor rubber GL bumper. Which is the nicest of em all if you asked me. There's still a lot if I am going to explain and compare the variants but I think this should be enough.

*Photo credits belong to original photographer ya. I am just Googling it.


iffa said...
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yasin said...

yg slanted face tu kalo x silap aku XL bro

Rosso said...

Ohh.. XL ek.. Tapi lampu belakang dia kalu kat sedan sangat nice.


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