Saturday, March 5, 2011

Retro Bodykits New Stuff.

Back to Rolla, there's some updates but all had been quite slow since I was busy with exams, with the model kits, and also the new love for 125z. LOL. I guess I cannot focus on a few things. Gotta straight up again.

Okay so Retro Bodykits has a new type of front spoiler, and the tokey, Mr. Jeya had sent me one as a sponsor stuff and as for promotional use. Big thanks to him for the new spoiler. Before I proceed, here's my old front spoiler, which I called it Retro Bodykits Type 1.

While on Rolla:

Here's the new front spoiler, which I called it Type 2. There's various sizes to fit most old schools. Retro Bodykits had send two of it. And one of it had been sold to a nice couple from Brunei which had been so determine to restore their Corolla. Best luck for them. Will do some update when I actually meet them maybe at the end of the month.

After fitting it on Rolla, this new spoiler fitted more nicely compare to Type 1 since my body part is not properly aligned thanks to the previous accident.

Side view:

My new top mount screw as the old one kept loosen. A wheel stud!

Another new stuff going in.. A recondition anti-roll bar.

After this, a GL face lift and then its time to repaint back Rolla to its glorious white color. And if anyone is interested with the front spoiler or anything related to Retro Bodykits, do give me a call/SMS at 01[two] 72 3345 4.

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