Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project : Face Lifted. Part II.

The next day after checking the stuffs that had been sent to me, only to found out that the square headlight is from a Datsun B310. Also in other word, the square headlight used here is the universal square type. Can fit most car, such as B310, Blackbelt, the KE72, KE74, and also noticed that the 180SX also using the same head light.

Knew about the 180SX headlight coz the other day, decided to have a shotgun ride with the foreman during testing. Although it end up on a roadside after having a clutch pump failure.

Back to the observation, I noticed that the lamp given to me is a seal beam type. Meaning that there's no bulb change. Once broken, replacement is a new unit of this thing. Which also mean I cannot use my trademark Blue/White H4 bulb if I am using this. Anyone interested with my used set? Selling it at RM40 only.

Although they said that seal beam produce brighter light, I still prefer my old bulb. So, asked them to order a new non-seal beam headlight. Depo from Taiwan.

There goes my favorite blue reflection on a headlamp.

Interior had been stripped out for major rewiring.

Since I got a lot of free time, and was provided with this stuff:

Polished my old bumper to its glorious shine. As good as new.

Some Autosol and polishing in progress.

What else can be shine? The Equip - Yes. The Riverside - No.

See how buff it is!


End of Part II.

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