Friday, March 25, 2011

Project : Face Lifted. Part III.

What? Still not finish kah da project? Nope. Looks like it gonna take some more time now. Anyway, tons of assignments and lab report need to be submitted this month. Kinda havoc. Back to Rolla, wiring job so far had been done. Here's some pics during the progress:

Should be wire-less now.

Even the fuse box was thrown out. Replace it with individual fuse now.

After the wires had been tube, this is how it looks now. No more mee goreng mamak. I even sprayed the side panel and the lower panel with tar anti rust.

Found out my spark plug had worn out due to excessive fuel coming in (My setting is always a bit rich), them at workshop suggested me to use this spark plug. Price should be less than RM100 if normal market, should be wayy cheaper if you buy it at sparepart shop. Oh, I test the car after fitting this plug. There's obvious power improvement damn it.

Actually, them told me that the TPS sensor had been fixed (wiring issue), plus there's a vacuum leak somewhere, so after fixing both of it and with the new plug; that's the reason why I'd feel so much improvement. Even the idle now stay at 1000rpm. No more idling at 2000rpm.

Another thing that need altering? And another reason why the progress is so slow. It does not fit liao! GL fender cannot fit the KE74/KE76 facelift. Hnngh! So? Send it to a body shop to custom fit it. Cut and welding job I guess.

One more thing that I might be reconsider is the overfender. I guess I am not gonna use it anymore. This looks very naisuu. Just need some rolling so that I can get more clearance. I guess I have to stick to low profile sotong tires eh?

Should I use the overfender or not?

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