Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hey mang! Nice Starlet.

Went to the hobby shop again. And as usual, the plan was to pick up my Hakosuka kit that I had been reserving it for a month. Until I saw another kit, so gotta hold it again damn it. Anyway, Mark II kit is almost done now. Clear coated and polished. Suppa shine.

My first GP kit ever. I bought it because its the only Tamiya product; the real deal when it comes to 1/24 kits. Tamiya is the best brand you can have.

And another 2 RARE old school kits. The top one belongs to Mok. Its a aeroplane kit from Tamiya. The date manufactured was around early 80's. Can be consider old stuff already. The bottom one is more RARE because it was manufactured by a Russian company, and the toy was produced on 1971! Old is gold, and Amar loves junk. Ghahahaha. These two will not be assembled and will be on display only. Who knows another 20 years it will become super duper ultra rare?

Passenger seat now is on a railing. Yay. Before this it was shut down on a bracket. But the railing height is a bit tall.

The picture that left many people questioned. When did Amar bought a Starlet? When did Amar bought a Datsun B310? When did Amar bought a Sunny 130y? Ghahahaha.

Check out the new face. Like it hate it? This is before fitting the front spoiler.

I am very happy with the outcome if you asked me. The looks might be a bit weird for the first few times, but later on I think it is very nice. Now its RARER than most of you guys. HAHA. And people had been calling it a Starlet Sedan!

Anyway, them at Speedster Garage had done a great job for this project. Engine rev has drop, no more laggy low rev, all the lights and indicator are working now, and etc. And now, should I have it painted or just left it like this?

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