Sunday, October 26, 2008

Her First Try

Yesterday Mok checked her email and found out that she got an offer from a company to do a modelling job. The company need a few model for their portfolio, kira advertising their photography skills lah. Well congratulation on getting it! Again, she's lucky. So, today we went to the place without getting lost coz its quite near from DoriDori Autoworks.

By the way, she's doing what she likes and getting payed for it while Im doing what I like but I need to pay for it. Ciss... So this is her first modelling job. Before this she's done a photoshoot but for her portfolio only. How lucky it is to be a model. Just go bring yourself to the place, the makeup artist will makeup you, dress also provided. You just need to pose for a few minutes, and wallah! You get paid for doing it. Huhu. While me, doing my photography thingy and car's stuff, go snap an event pics, or go to drift event/ track day, and Im losing some RM over there. Wawawa.

So, we arrived an hour early, go for a drink before her turn. The makeup artist is very friendly. By the way, Mok considered to be lucky coz she's the only Malay for the day (got 7models today, 6 was Chinese) and the makeup artist said the company rarely want a Malay girl to be the model. Huhu.

Here's some pics:

Mok during makeup.

Taraa. After the makeup. Look's abit weird. Haha.

Mok with her dress. Red eh? Looks naughty!

Actually Mok suppose to have a proper hair-do, but the other model banyak songeh and took a long time for her hair-do, so Mok's makeup artist said let's try the wig to save time. And again, Mok's look much different this time! Hahaha. Much naughtier!

This time, she doesnt looks like Maria Ozawa. Ngak ngak! Looks more like a Barbie doll to me.

Lets see her action during the photography session:

Mok getting instructions from the photographer.

Some of my crappy pics coz I didnt want to kacao the photography doing his job.

Over bright. My flash activated the studio's flash at the same time. Hahaha.
One of the best from my shot I guess.

So after she finish the session, we went to see Anis, my old neighbour at Uitm. She's doing her foundation in Medic and will be flying to Australia I guess in 2-4months. Wohoo.. Jealous at her. We had been friend since we were 5years old. We ate at the nearby kopitiam (Pak Ali Kopitiam I guess). Very cheap and delicious foods!

So, we are waiting for the pics from the company. Can visit at also.

Some pics I'd uploaded had an error. Photobucket sucks sometimes. The horizontal pics seems like had been cut off. You can always see the pictures in a full resolution by clicking on the pics!

And one more, I hate modelling shots! Hahaha. I prefer outdoor shooting where there is a lot of light source. And drifting pictures is wayyy much easier than this one!


ieza change name to Barbie doll instead of Maria Ozawa said...

cover story bout me..again??!

like its not me..really diff actually..kui3..
got naughty to act naughty la..wawa

so,am I ok??cute??
switch from maria ozawa name to barbie doll instead..kwang3

Pak Li Kopitiam lew..
yeah,,damn cheap..satisfied oso..

~i am happy today,n thanks to God for making me feel lucky~

ieza-->mok said...

n one more thing..
--> thanks for accompany me today..
--> n uploading my story...

Rosso said...

Hm.. Can sponsor me Momo Logitech now kan!?

Da Devil said...

haha...dunno mok oso into modeling...hope nex time can see more of ur pics around the photography circle....keep up the gud job...

amar - yea...sumtimes had to pay for the model,if shoot outdoor lagi susah....anyway...if the model is close or fren,den no need to pay...muehehe...nw i cant wait to get my hand on eos...and start shooting...

Rosso said...

EOS? If 450D, you better go for Nikon D80. Seriously! The lens of D80 cost around Rm1.2k. You get a longer lens also! 18-135mm VR.

450D just give you 18-55mm IS only. Hahahaha. Choose or loose. Now Im looking for a longer lens. Rugi oh pakai 18-55mm. I regret coz didnt survey much that time.

Mok? Yeah, she loves modelling. Layan jelah... Hehehe. Will try more photo shoot next time!


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