Friday, October 31, 2008

For Jaguh!

Wei, this is for you buddy. I hope you will not sell you KEtam. See the possibilities of the car. I know you can see a lot in the net, but here's what I found yesterday with my own eyes. This is a beauty! Dont give up la buddy. I know it is a time consuming stuff, take it and hold on on it.

Again, click on the pics for a fucking full size.

While me? I think I have found what I want. And I found a standard one too. Working condition. My buddy's dad is the FIRST owner. His family's car lah. And IF I managed to get the car, lets say 5-10years later, Im the second owner. lol. I already said if you wanna sell the car in 5-10 years, I might interested :) My possibilities. Pics from TK's blog.


Da Devil said...

5 or 10 years later???still wan KE??
how abt my car??hehe....

ieza-->mok said...

darling haa..
wait till our money double-double
then we dont need to buy KE..
we buy S15 terus meyh...


or we buy Kazu's A31,aft he bikin everything..

Jaguh said...

Nicess, this KE used to be for sale 1 1/2 yrs back.. open price at 15k.. My KE most probably not goin to sell.. And will stay that way forever.. Now i already sangkut with retrosyndicate gang, restore old car to its former glory days and not trash them hehehe, Lendir only.. Next project will be Lendir related hehehe

Now i already eyeballin EG, EF and EK beb.. Back to my roots, Rice for life.. hehe Once u own a vtec forever u vtec.. save me money to buy myself a Civic hehe..

mohd helmi said...


KE pon best.

sumbat SR20 pastuh.


Rosso said...

KE, Bluebird, etc... It must be RB20DET or it must be force induction!


Sume kena tunggu 5-10years. Hehehe.

mohd helmi said...


tapayah laa lame sangat.

3taun target sudey..

getz buat kereta stok geli2.

buluberd buat dorimachine.



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