Saturday, April 4, 2009

DIY : Lorry absorber!

Today, I went to Jaguh's house again. To get my new stuff. Taraa.. A pair of 3-tonne lorry absorbers for my rear absorber modification.

APM Shock Absorber.

Less hassle this time when removing the OEM absorber. Jaguh still pissed off anyway. Hahaha. Shown here are the OEM and the lorry absorber. Luckily both are same size and design.

Plug & Play time!

Tigtening all the nuts. The hard part was on the left coz the fuel tanks hose is there too.

And guess what? I decided to remove one of the belts, the compressor belt. Car's feel very nimble now. Much better acceleration. I dont need aircond. :P

Overall, handling does really improves! But, the drawback is the level of comfort is almost '0' by now. I can feel everything that is in the road. LOL~ Urgh. Gotta avoid bad roads by now or else I might have a back pain soon.

Will be putting a lowering block soon~

Again, another great job by Jaguh AutoWorks. Thanks dude~


Anonymous said...

So the Lorry absorbers are super stiff?

Rosso said...

Yep. Jaguh already warned me about the stiffness but I wanted it too.

Even Redzone's KE70 is using the same absorber as mine.

3R1C said...

3 tonnes shocks is freaking hard dude.
lol... time to remove ur bucket seat and install an OSIM massage chair in driver side.

Rosso said...

Haha.. Eric, FYI, my bucket seat is still seating in my room. No plan to put it yet until the car is ready to drift soon. Still using my standard seat.

Jaguh said...

Hard as a rock.. My Family car spec KEtam cant use it.. only bujang guys sukan car can use the ABS hehe.. It is build for 3000kg lorry. and ur car is ?? 800kg ?? hehe.. The math say it is suppose to be hard hehe

revs said...

jaguh hebat do..

anyway..gila babs bleh pakai lorry punya absorber..
aku tak pernah terfikir pun..

3R1C said...

jaguh any recommendation to put it on my getz?? lol...


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