Sunday, April 12, 2009

Photography : Super Clean AE70.

Car was born at 1984 as a Toyota and the name given to the car is Corolla AE70. And it is in a coupe form.

He bought the car from his neighbor and it didn't came cheap as he is paying a hefty price, but the condition is very good for the price. The car had been repainted with Champion White recently.

As you can see, the owner didnt make any modification on the exterior and most of the parts were imported directly from Japan.

For the interior, the front seat had been swapped with Celica Supra 1985 front seat, while the center console came from AE86 and it is imported from Japan, and a brand new KE70 interior lamp. For the rear seat, the owner decided to re wrapped the original seat. The car is using an AE82 GT steering wheel and original TE71 gearknob TE71 that came from Japan. The reason why he decided to import most of the stuffs is because the price is much cheaper. And no interior pictures from me as I forgot to snap some.

Car is running on a set of 13' Hayashi Street rims with 7jj and 0 offset.

Original KOITO fender
Rear lamp SPRINTER TE71
Original KOITO plate number lamp
Front TE71 GT grill with emblem GT

Moving to the engine section that move the car is a unit of 1.5cc 3A-U engine with 5-speed gearbox. There is no problem with the engine so far so that is the reason why there is no 4A-GE is sitting here. For a cleaner air, there is a used K&N air filter sitting on top of the carburetor and the other reason is to clear the area so that the Ultra Racing bar can be fitted.

For the handling, the car is still using all the OEM parts and to bring the car few inch lowered, he heated up the coil and re form it back. The car is using an aftermarket exhaust to make it sound a bit sporty.

One thing that most of the Retro car is missing is an air-conditioning unit and this car dint lose it.


Jaguh said...

Very nice car, kinda look like a modern car dy.. BUT ulsStance should be lower, and more ofset wheels are needed hehe..

Rosso said...

Hahaha... Cam sial nye racun... kekeke..

KE ko bile nk cmni nih!?

Jaguh said...

Rim die da 14 tapi tayar pakai tebal2.. pakai 55 ar cantik.. x ar tinggi, nagn rim nampak kecik.. Spring kene potong ag satu gelung heheh ..

KEtam aku?? .. never my fren.. Transformasi dier cenderung ke arah lain.. Stylo jauh sekali.. Jahat, insyallah haha..

Rosso said...

Dude. Sorang lagi tertipu!

Its 13'!!!!


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