Thursday, April 23, 2009

Story : I Cant Stand The Heat Anymore!

Was sleeping till 1pm till Mok called me and ask if Im interested to go to watch Bohsia at cinema with her. Of course if its Mok that is asking, I cannot say No! or else she will be monyok all day. Hehehe. And since Bee had been sleeping for a few days, so we decided to go to Pavillion with Bee. And cleverly driving at 2pm on a big city with the sunlight just up your head and a bonus; Bee doesnt have an aircond yo, its like a moving sauna every time I decided to drive Bee.

Hahahahaha. And Im glad Mok doesnt complaint much bout that. Romantic isnt it dating on a moving sauna? Overall, Bohsia by Shamsul Yusof is better than Evolusi KL Drift. Wayyy much better. The movie reflect the truth about our new generation (that's include my generation too) in KL especially the Mat Rempit.

Anyway, after the movie, we rushed to get out of the city before its jammed or else Bee will overheat as usual. LOL. Another romantic moment if the car broke down somewhere in the KL eh? I suggest to Mok to tinted the rear window just like Din did to his KE70. And since its just RM40, Mok agree with it.

So, off we go to Sato Auto Accesories at Setiawangsa. Initially, I just want to opt 80% tinted for the rear, and the person in charge said why not tinted all the windows, so finally I opt the 50% tinted for all the windows. The reason I chosed the 50% is so that I have less problem with JPJ.

Pimpin' Bee in progress.

Done! This cheap tinted cost me Rm100 and with 2years warranty. Not bad for our Rm100 investment. And finally some privacy whenever Im driving after this.

View from my block. There's my Bee, Getz and Mok's Mok Myvi. Haha.


Jaguh said...

Now bee need A/C then its complete haha.. 100 for tint all round include the rear screen eh ?? ..

Rosso said...

Nope. All four cermin only

Jaguh said...

hundies for 4 mirror? quite high from the shop i tint my KEtam.. 89 bucks for all 4 window with 8 selection of coulor haha.. then again, never got the chance to use the tint as my car got no a/c haha, window down all tha time, if keluar dating oso same like u.. berpeluh and panas haha..

Bohsia movie was quite good. made me laugh, then again a story with no ending sucks haha..

Rosso said...

If 80% tint, its RM80, but 50% tint its rm100.

Jaguh said...

Legality makes things more exp huhuhu..

Anonymous said...

haha..never mind lorh the tint cost us rm100..
at least we got less hassle with the jpj in the future..
well, u know..antique car got the jpj's fav...hehe~

for now, in the day is not soooo hot..already...
at night is cold..
thanks to the tint!haha

well sayang, thanks for accompanying me to watch movie!!!
love you much!!!


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