Saturday, April 25, 2009

Story : Flaring the 808.

As promised, we went to Play House Garage today to get the sexy flare. Anyway, first of all; since the flare is for Starlet, it surely will not fit 100% if the worker didnt trim it. And for clearance issue, I had to cut the front fender a bit especially the left one, the damaged @ rusty side.

One hour of arguing with the worker (LOL~) and trimming, taraaa, the front fender had been done.

We had some clearance issue on the door for the rear so I decided to cut the fender into two so that half of em will attach to the door.

Measuring time:

Done! I am very very satisfied with the job done by Play House Garage. Very neat and almost flawless job.
Some closeup shots of the flare:


Anyway, here's a big project of Play House, a super bad condition Ford Cortina, and in the restoration progress. Roughly the cost of the bodyworks ( a LOT of) is RM8k+/-. And again, Im very impressed with the new floor made by them. It really looks like it was pressed by a machine. All was done by hand actually.

We went to nearby mamak after the job had been done. And guess who's showed today, another 808 user! His name is Fendy and his 808 is in very good condition. Im quite happy to found other 808 user.

His nice 808.

The neat interior compare to mine.

And kinda surprised when he gave me a very meaningful gift, a Mazda horn button! Thanks bro!

And, another gift came from Mok. She bought me a T-shirt! Oh, my lucky day isnt it?

Arrived at our hostel at 11pm. So, rest time!


MOK's said...

woah...penat tau teman u the whole day..
anyway Bee is getting better..
Next sem,
have to get the bodywork to be done...
Minimize the rust at the body..

kena kumpul duit from now..
sayang dat car already..

and the fender flare..
I nak spray jugak!!

Jaguh said...

Nice fender.. kinda dig the white fender.. Why dont u paint it white eh hehehe..

stanleycarter said...

The new flares look great! And I think you should do a coverage on that white 808 too! It looks nice! I wonder what engine is lying under that hood?

Rosso said...

The white 808 is still using its original engine while my car had been converted to an unknown engine coz his car is still 1.3, mine is 1.4..


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