Thursday, April 2, 2009

Story : Typical UTM asshole(s).

One of the reason why I hate motorcyclist, is because of this:
Its not that I hate ALL bikers. Even some of the car lovers use motorcycle as their daily ride. What differs them from this typical assholes is that they are following the rules while MOST of the students (UTM) here, rarely follows the rules. This is one fine example.

Car park = empty slot = "Aah, what the hell, empty slot = bike can also park one!"

How it happened? Well, once a year, there will be a university event which required the motor parking lots to be emptied. So, all of the bike must be parked NEARBY the car parking lot NOT ON the car lot itself.

So, when one asshole (who think that his bike is super big for 1 bike slot nearby) parked his super bike on a car parking lot, that will lead a few others asshole to join the parking lot too. Coz car lot is nearer to the hostel compare to the bike lot. So, eventually, by now, MOST of the car lot had been taken by 2-3 bikes. How ass is that for those who drove a car? Where the hell are we going to park?

Sheez, never thought that a few UNIVERSITY students will be this ass. Government really should do an interview before giving us an offer to university. At least, the university will be fill with LESS assholes. I always hope that I have a bulldozer so that I can crush those bikes that are on the car lot.

Some of these assholes (especially Malay bikers at UTM) are not interested to study at all. What a waste! Even in my class, there a few students that are not interested. Suit the name though, Melayu = me LAYU. I am ashamed of my own race. Bad examples from the government till the students.

Sigh, cant wait to chow from this place coz there are soo many assholes here and Im completely surrounded by them.

Anyway, where is the management? Why didnt they noticed it? Coz they have their own parking lot maybe? So once again, "What the hell. Not my problems."


phat_lee said...

ini cerita aku sokong...sama mcm aku kat Shah Alam dulu...sampai kereta aku kena calar..ampes..

Rosso said...

Kereta ak dah kena calar a few times. Dibaling telur, n etc. Rasenye mat2 motor ni mmg smpai akhirat pun mmg xde wawasan n kerja dia menyusahkan org je kot.

Rempit sucks.

R1 said...

ko tak payah lah berlagak sangat suke2 kate orang asshole..
dan tak payah berlagak sangat mentang-mentang ko naik keta ko anggap bike tu mcm murah je..
silap2 superbike diorang lagi mahal dari keta ko..
idup ni tak lame, xyah nak berlagak macam bagus sangat..

Rosso said...

Haha. Kete aku tu lagi murah dari motor2 yang ada skang.

Dah kalau parking kat tempat letak kereta tak ke tak betul tu namenye?

Bagus? Yes. Semua orang pun bagus. In a different way.

MOK's said...

lek la R1..knpe terasa sangat ni???

yep...they also pull of my blindspot mirror that Jaguh bought for me..

--Pissed off-- -_-

org yang msuk U blh fikir meyh,tp lao mcm ni perangai,blh kire asshoole gk kot..
Fikir la sendiri..rite??


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