Monday, April 20, 2009

Video : Drifting in Cyberjaya.

Was all hyped up on that day until Din told us that he cant come with us which make me a bit guilty to go to the event without the rightful owner of the car. Anyway, was quite surprised coz Din let us borrowed his KE70. Anyway, we do enjoy the event and was playing around 6pm untill 9.30pm. Overall, my confidence is getting better but my ball is still small coz I didnt dare to play at high speed. I rather went on smooth transision.

Anyway, THANK YOU to Din for lending us the car (Sorry for hitting the tyres barrier too!), Mok for the company, Jaguh for the company and a sifu to me, and Benz for the drift guide!

Anyway, Din's Weber had been tuned by Ramli and thus making it almost 10x better than usual. Plus the new RCA kinda made me feel a bit weird during cornering.

Thanks Mok for the nice vids.

First try when the track is still wet.

My best run, I think?


Jaguh said...

Haha.. wait for my KEtam debut next year.. hopefully powderfull as din car.. U should have try to drift from the first turn, much more thrill hehe..

Rosso said...

Erk.. Kereta xcukup power lg la.. N kinda need bigger balls.

Anonymous said...

taken from my blog eh???

xbg chance btol syg ni nk bg i

Anonymous said...

Should've clutch kick that bugger! ^^

Rosso said...

Still need a bigger ball to play the big corner and of course the car itself has low power.. LOL..


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