Monday, April 13, 2009

Info : How to befriend two hamsters.

Hamsters can't befriend if they don't have the same smell at each other. So, here's how to befriend them.

A bucket with small volume of water + hamster cream bath (lol). Just enough so that they didnt drown. Dont forget to put your hand just in case they drown and dont let their nose in the water.

Then, put them in another empty bucket and let it in there for a few minutes. They do looks funny now. Very small when wet.

Both were shivering at this time. Very cute but kinda pity to them. Haha.

When both had calmed, dry them with soft towel and if you have a hair dryer, set it to the lowest speed and dry them both. Bulat & Bujur; love at first sight yo~

Mating time! Opps, I mean dating time. LOL.

Happy trying! Pictures were taken from Mok's blog.

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