Friday, April 10, 2009

Story : Drifting in my own room.

Final exam is just 2weeks away and its time to return to home first. This is what I did when I just arrived at home.

Was looking at my dusty bucket seat is there like forever waiting for a good time to be transfered on Bee, my Logitech Momo also was in the box, and a LFS ID that had not been used for a long time. So?

Creative thinking :

Temporary place for me to practice drift in simulation till Bee is fit again one day. Might be overhauling the engine or maybe swap to A15 engine. If Dad give the green light. Bee's engine does not behave well lately.

Anyway, anyone interested in my bucket seat? RM450 nego. Thinking of selling coz red doesnt fit nicely with yellow. The condition? Showroom condition coz I only used it for 2weeks in Getz. Very new. Just trying my luck here. Oh, the seat is passenger side but had been used on driver side. LOL~

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