Monday, April 13, 2009

Photography : Bujur, Bulat's partner!

Few months ago, we adopt a hamster and we called it Bulat ( Round/circle, whatever you call it) and it had been with us for five months. Bulat's introduction can be found here.

Here is Bulat. Getting fluffy day by day. Love them very much. Anyway, Bulat is a Winter White Dwarf Hamster and its a female.

Anyway, here's the new addition in the cage.

Bujur (In English, its Oval!). Its a male, and it came from the Winter Pearl Dwarf Hamster family. Winter Pearl is the expensivest among others. There is another one in brown color called Winter Gold. Might be buying it soon.

Anyway, this fella is really really relaxed or the other word that suite him is; very very very very lazy! Hahaha. That's the reason why I can snap photos of it. Very relaxed till we can let it go on the dashboard from UTM till Kajang without it moving very much.

See his 'sempoi' face.

Very fluffy and shining.
But one thing that Bujur really loves is to rape Bulat. LOL! So, Bulat might be pregnant in a few weeks. Anyone interested to take care of hamster?


zamildrift said...

Bujur rape Bulat LOL! Hahaha comel dow hamster ko..geram tengok!

Rosso said...

Iza yang jaga...Hahahhaa.. Aku pemerhati je.. Nanti dia beranak, kalo ko minat, amekla sekor.. Atleast ak tau ko mmg jage punye hamster

Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

ko nak bg anak hamster ke mar???
leh kawtim untuk aku 1 nanti???
tapi cmne lak ko nak bg ekk???? xp

Rosso said...

Kita tengok macam mana nanti..

MOK's said...

pregnant pn lom lagi...

but if Bulat pregnant,
akan diberitahu nnt..

kne g veterinar

so, buleh kot tulis nama kt amar..
bakal parents angkat..


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