Monday, April 13, 2009

Story : Bee's Getting Better.

Honestly, kinda lazy to post the updates coz whenever I think bout Bee, I will become nuts for a while What is in my mind? There's a lot of rust on the floor, there's a hole on the firewall, there's a hole on the pillar, there's a leaking on the bonnet, my temp is not regular, my brake is worn, my headlight is dim, and so on.

Maybe I need to relax one whole day and clear my head. Bee should be grateful (and please cost me LESS trouble. Hahaha) coz I really do care bout her. Anyway, some stuffs that I did to ease the pain in my eyes and for her to serve me better.

No more rust on the fender. Was using EverCoat hard putty plus a lot of sanding job. And I sprayed it with yellow too but still look bad. Nevermind, just a temporary coz wide fender coming soon.

And, finally a new brake shoe for the drum brake. Hahaha. The old brake had already detached. Very dangerous. The job was done at Jeembo's Garage.

New shoe; in! Note that the previous owner had changed the PCD of the car. From 110 to 114.3. Thank you Mr. Previous Owner! Also, the stud was changed few months ago to fit in the new rim. And spacer coming soon.

Sicked Bee was looking at me with its sad face. Yes, dont be sad. You will be overhauled soon and a lot of metal surgery coming too.

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