Monday, May 25, 2009

DIY : My Dream Wheels!

I saw this rims few years ago and I had kept in my heart that one day I will buy this rims no matter what. And today, despite my car desperately need a body work, I bought the rims. Of course whenever unexpected purchase occurred, there's always Mok as a financial backup. Thanks my dear.


Anyway, what is it? Its the banana rims or the real name is RS Watanabe. Its always had been my dream rims. So whats the big deal? Well, it might not a big thing for you, but it does to me. Hehehe. Only 1pair, but I think it will look much better compare to my current rims. Will put it in front soon. 13 inch, 6.5jj and uknown offsets. Told ya, its common.

My traditional routine whenever I buy a new rims :

Its here~ Anyway, it belongs to Mok, not me.

Was trying my best to clean up the rims.
Then dried it up. Again, Im using AutoSol to shine the lips.

Tape up the lips so that I can paint the center tomorrow.

I feel great today! XD


stanleycarter said...

Are those from Jerayaj? RM400 selling on DCM?

Dennis Tan said...

congrate bro~ you got yourself a must have for any old-school car driver must have ^^ hohoho~ a Watanabe RS-Rim~

from the look of it. it's off-set should be around 10~15 positive.

Rosso said...

Nope, bought it at Playhouse when I was there for a quotation last week. Didnt meet the rim's owner though. And the price is very reasonable.

Thanks bro. Yep, you are correct! +15 offset, but wth, im lovin' it!

jOsh_taKumi86 said...

hooo yea...damn nice after polish the lips....great great...watanabes oso one of my fav...

Rosso said...

Come simpan tabung and buy the Watanabe of your dreams!!

Asu is selling his FF Watanabe.. Try ask him, can fit Myvi too!

jOsh_taKumi86 said...

don wan myvi lah...for futre can...haha
if buy den keep inside room ss...:p

i prefer more on fr watanabes...MORE DISH...slrrpp

Rosso said...

Start with Myvi. Experiment on it. Just like I did on Getz before Bee arrived. At least, I'd got some experience after that.


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