Saturday, May 9, 2009

Story : Holiday's Project.

Internet problems occured when I arrived home, so here's some updates:

*Mok had been staying with my family since Thursday as a guest since we will only be going to Johore next week. Was having a little family business. Will tell y'all once Im confidence with it. Im doing it for my car!

*My brother bought a new hamster house, while Mok bought something, will tell y'all later, while me? I'd went shopping spree at IKEA. Just a new PC table and a chair.

*My messy room under renovation.

*As for Mok, she bought....

A new friends! Same species with Bulat and she's a baby. We called it Bulat Junior but the short name is BoBo. She's cute aint it? So quick for a replacement? Well, she's kinda 'relaxed' and act cutely when we were goofing around inside the pet shop. Mok took it, and she really behaved. So Mok think, this maybe can replace Bulat in her heart. So we adopt it! XD


3R1C said...

Bulat junior should be BoJu

Rosso said...

Bobo is easier to call.. Hehehe.


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