Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DIY : Stripper Project. Muahahaha.

Stripping project started today! Waited for Jaguh to came around 2pm. Mok also came to help me and visiting her future mother in law~ Hahaha. So, lets get started:

My house will be messy for a few days. Sooo many unused parts in the dashboard will be in the box.

Moment of truth. Rear floor, no rust! Good.

Front? Well, looks good. Lets search deeper!

Sound deadening removal process.

After a while. Wire brush + manual way. Secret revealed!

While we were doing the floor, Mok did this with some help from AutoSol.

Dashboard had been removed. Dusty, messy, and a lot of unused parts. We will remove some parts to save a few kilos in the car.

Kinda dissapointed when I saw these holes that hide behind a carpet all this time.

The main culprit of the rust? Aircond panel. Yay~ Rain water was channeled inside the car through this hole. Need to seal this holes too.

Dashboard beam that need treatment too. Sigh.. Main problems of old Mazda; rusty firewall and aircond panel. Just like Megat of PlayHouse told me earlier.

Will continue the sound deadening removal tomorrow and maybe anti rust coat on Thursday maybe? Holes? I will send it to Play House Garage for a treatment. Anyway, thanks to Jaguh and Mok for helping me today. You guys are the best!


Vince said...

Looks like you need to re-new the panels at the play house. The rust would have taken the structural integrity of the chassis. So if you do intend to drift the car, better to fix it up else it can be pretty dangerous. i think i saw holes at the floor board and the side support panels, this mean the rust is so bad that i had eaten thru the metal. This is not a good sign. Anyway good luck in you road to glory.

Rosso said...

Yeah. I guess drifting this car is not possible at the moment. Lets just say I just want to restore the car first.

Yes, there's holes at floor, door beam, side panel, center of firewall.

Glory glory Mazda 808... LOL~

Jaguh said...

Rusty like this can be considered as minor only lar.. Still drift able maa, The KE70 of Motorfix japan are in a worse condition than this but still drifting every single week hehe.. lai2 drift jom haha.. only if we have a welding machine, dah siap tampal those holes maybe haha..

Rosso said...

Its OK. Lets just build it slowly this year. Im enjoying what I had done. Of coz with the help from Jaguh and Mok.

If only my budget is bigger, I already sent it to shop.


Dennis Tan said...

looks like you had a lot to do to your bumble bee too~ ^^ good luck and gambate on the panel work yo bro.~ would cost a bomb i told ja.

Rosso said...

Hahaha. You are welcome. If my budget is really tight, then I just go and seal the dashy holes only and left the floor. Well, all I have to do now is to wait and see first.


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