Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photography : Lets Dig Some Old Photos!

Was checking out my camera memory card and found out that there's some pics that I had totally forgotten to post! Hahahaha.

Some photos from Cyberjaya Drift:

Emmm, I wish my car was this low.

Din's KE70 rocks! Stock engine, very not powerful, very common, but it shoots flames! Thank you for trusting us with your car, Din!

My girlfriend, Mok with Bee. Hehehe. Future drifter maybe? My biggest supporter on everything that I had done and attend. Lucky me I guess.

And finally, my hamster, Bujur (Oval in English). He's doing well and currently is with me at home. Mok left him with me coz she wants to concentrate on Bobo, our junior hamster.

Tough looking dude.

Grooming time.
Huh, what? Hah?

Cute pose.

1 comment:

MOK's said...

missing my Bujur already!!wuuu...
cutenya die..

will be supporting u all ur life...


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