Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random : Bee & Din's KE70.

Project halted! No mood to continue the project. No money. Everything had been assemble back and its time to bungkus the car. Anyway, I remove the flare coz the Watanabe's offset is +10. Beaten fender? I dont care. As long as it is Watanabe. :P

New guest in da house. Din's KE70. Was suppose to use the car for Bagan Lalang trip, but my parents didnt give the permission to go. So, the car was only for display in front of the house. Sigh. Really love the car. Bassy exhaust, driftable, light and nimble, very responsive and so on. Why lah I didnt bought it in the first place? 10x much better and worthwile compare to Bee. Hmhm.


Vince said...

Hey Bro,... What do you mean "bungkus"? Stop and sell the car or just stop modifying it till you get enough $$$$.
However if you want to learn drifting, KE70 is one of the Best choice as the spare parts is really cheap and easily available. Most of the Ipoh Famous Drifters is KE70 drivers such as TEAM ORSAGA and TK as well.
The Mazda 808 is rare and replacement parts is scarce in case the drift screws up (which is quite common, even for Pro).
Anyway it is a good time for you to plan what you want go do it. :)
The 808 is a good experience for you. I too learn about not to trust anyone completely when i was scammed when buying me Honda SR4, but lucky the car condition is good (that is luck only). Before i buy the car, the person say this is good car bla bla bla... after i buy it, 'oh.... you must fix this that these.... $$$$. When your cash running out 'No money dun play car la.... Honda parts is expensive'..... Those are the Fxxking words i will remember my life. Lucky that my car chassis is good and no serious accident, i manage to pull thru fixing it bit by bit... And i learn a lot about honda my self and able to do my own research before start any project on the car.... i am now looking at adjustable fuel regulator.

Rosso said...

Stop and keep more RM is what I meant there. There's no way Im selling the car. I still want to drift it one day, thats the big dream. With 13bt inside of course.

Might be buying another car for drift purpose maybe in 4-5 years.

Yep, I learned a lot from the car. It does make me be more careful next time.

"You gotta be rich to play olskool!"

Yep yep. Thats correct!

MOK's said...

if u dare to sell dat car, i sell u first!!!!hahahhahahhahaha..

take good care of Din's KE..

soooo tired rite now..waaaa

stanleycarter said...

You gotta show us more pictures of your Bee with those watanabes on!

Rosso said...

Will do when I have more moods next time. LOL~ Might be slamming down the rear tomorrow.. Then I'll snap some photos.


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