Sunday, May 31, 2009

Story : Malacca.

Went to Malacca few days ago to pick up Mok. Since we are on our holiday, we decided to go to the historic area too.

Arrived early in the morning. Why not take a swim first? Mok's pics after swimming session.

After that, we went to Banda Hilir area. Just window shopping and unfortunately we ended up spending some RM there. LOL~ Guess what is it.

Its an umbrella in a bottle. Nice eh.
Jonker Walks sucks. There is so less parking area available. Ended up once again spending more RM on souvenirs. I found out that the locals really didn't respect tourist like us. Was getting horned a few times. Not good. No Jonker Walks next time.

One of the rarest olskool in Malacca, the Beca. (Or what the hell is it in English..? Thrishaw?) I felt pity for the driver coz I dont think there's a lot of customers this days. We wanted to have a ride, but then, I felt pity to them once again coz we both combined are already 100kg +, Im sure the uncle will be very tired then. No good for them too. Hope the government will find a way to preserve the Malacca olskools.
On the way back. Stopped at this R&R for a drink. Root beer with float. Mok was happy as usual.

And guess what is the speed of the bus? 130km/h and on the right lane all the way from Malacca till KL. Really didnt care bout others too. Anyway, the bus was owned by the government, I forgot which department, but I guess police will let him go too coz its G with its G partners, get it? Rules? Huh? What? Typical; "Im G servant, I can get loose~"


jOsh_taKumi86 said... come get horned??haha

Rosso said...

Wrong direction, emergency brake at the town, and etc. Quite sucks.



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