Friday, May 15, 2009

DIY : Stripper Project. Day 2.

Day 2 stripping project. My special guest of the day is Mok! Like it or not, she was helping me stripping the car; whole day! Hahaha. Lets see Mok in action.

Another shot. Trust me, its not an easy job to remove the sound deadening.

Done! Was kinda rushing coz today Im driving to Johore Bahru.

More dark secret revealed! More holes from driver side.

And big holes from passenger's side.

So, the car will be left for a while as Im collecting some budget to repair the whole floor and others. Its either will be left for a long time, or if my 'business' is running good, it might be a whole makeover for the car. God knows.

Good night folks!


jOsh_taKumi86 said...

woot...good luck bro...;)
and all the best...god bless ya...^^

Anonymous said...

all my hands hurt..wuuu~..
kne ganti rugi nih..hahahha..

was helping u so that ur work will finished quickly..

now, let's do the business...
collect money..hehehheh

Da Devil said...

wakaka...cant wait to sit again in the new bumbly bee after it is repaired..hehe

Rosso said...

Well, lets just say I dont have any budget to repair the floor. Might just left it and the unrusted parts will be covered with anti rust paint.

Its good to see road while driving! LOL~

Anyway, since I can remove the original seat railing, might be going to Jeembo's Garage to fit it in into my bucket seat and solve my stud problem too. Might be next week~


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