Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Story : Rest In Peace, Bulat.

STROKES: Usually it is older hamsters that suffer from strokes; however, occasionally a younger one will be stricken. The first sign of an impending stroke is the hamster tires easily and may even collapse after using the wheel. Normally the hamster is paralyzed on one side, looses its sense of balance and sometimes tilts its head to one side. Keep the cage in a warm quiet environment. Until the hamster begins to recuperate, it may be necessary to hand feed and water it. It generally takes a couple of weeks before it is up and moving around. In some cases the head tilt is permanent. Even after recovery, it is recommended that the hamster be kept in an aquarium with no wheel.


At 6pm, I received a call from Mok and she was crying. She told me Bulat had gone. First thing I asked her was, how did she died? Mok said she died in her hamster ball while Bujur was still in the cage. Mok exercised them daily to make sure both of em are healthy.

When I met Mok downstairs, and saw myself Bulat was still in the Hamsterball. Froze and was on her back. Died because of unknown cause. Mok said Bulat didnt show any bad sign or etc. Sawing Bulat, I cant stop myself from crying too. This cute thing died in a ball with no valid reason. If only Bulat could talk or show some sign of illness, we might be getting her to veterinar already. I dont know why did I cried, but I just felt very pity to Mok since the first reason we bought Bulat was to keep Mok's company everyday, and very 'terkilan' coz she died with no reason.

Cause of death, unknown.

I asked Mok to dig a hole nearby the mosque coz I dont have the strength to put Bulat in the ground. Mok dug a medium size hole and she was crying when she pull Bulat from the wheel and even asked whether she wants to wake up or not before putting her into the hole. Again, I cried because I do knew Mok loves Bulat so much.

Im still crying while typing this. Laugh all you want, but Im a man that loves animal. She didnt deserve to died like this, in a ball, frozen, no reason.

Rest in peace my dear Bulat. Im not sure whether any other Dwarf Hamster can replace Bulat in Mok's heart.

More on her blog. But no update for the moment I think.


MOK's said...

No updates yet since I've lost my beloved Bulat...
Other winter dwarfs,etc will never be the same as her...
I missed her already..
Cried out loud from the time she died until now..
Left only Bujur for me..but still doesn't feel the same..

She's my 1st pet that I bought with Rosso..
Love her soo much..
But God loves her more..

Will never ever stop thinking bout her..

will be updating on her soon

Da Devil said... strong...i oso face tat situation b4...hehe

Vince said...

What is gone is gone. That is fact of life. I would suggest that if you want to take another hamster, please take the baby ones. Yes, they are harder to find and harder to care for. But once you have successfully raised it, you will be rewarded with a very tame hamster which loves u. And please do not be influenced by BOLT where the hamster is placed in a Plastic ball. I do not think you will like to be placed inside a plastic ball do you. Be strong bro and have a NEW BEGINNING...... Go get what you want :)

Rosso said...

Kazu, I feel good already coz today is my last paper! :)

Vince, we have 2 hamsters with Mok. The male, which is the lazy dude, can be released without much supervision coz he will be on his back just a few secs after letting him out. So Mok let him on her bed.

While the female, Bulat, is very hyperactive. She cant even stay in one place for 3secs! Her daily routine was in the ball for 15minutes as recommended by the guide on the internet. Then usually Bulat will fall asleep in the ball after tired.

But yesterday, she fell asleep, but permanent sleep. That's another question why she died in a ball with no sick symptom?

Anyway, thanks for the concern and the advise. Im sure Mok will accept the lost sooner or later. Im buying her another 2little hamsters soon when she's ready. This time to complete the dwarf series.

Pearl, White and Grey I think..


Touge King said...

Amar & Mok,
My condolences... May Bulat rest in peace... I know how hard it was. Stay strong!

Rosso said...

Thanks Tk..

Edgar H said...

Hi Rosso.. I came upon your blog from Stanley's blog links. Been reading most of your blogs and enjoying the stuff you did to your Mazda.

But today i read about your hamster, Bulat. My condolences. I know the feeling. I lost my dog Pude a few years ago but i was ready because he was old. Still,i can't forget the feeling when i saw him lying without any movement when i called him.

I am sure you and Mok can get over her in time and you'll be busy loving the other hamsters you're planning on getting.

Rosso said...

Hi Edgar. Thank you for visiting my blog and spending your time reading my blog.

I think Mok already OK coz today we bought a new hamster, same species with Bulat, to replace Bulat.

Will update soon. :)


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