Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photography : T E 7 1

Sneak Preview:


No specs was given to me so I'll just post the pics as the pics speaks a thousand words bout the car.

All I knew that this car is 100% drift specs. From half cage to 2-way LSD. Engine? Drifter's favourite engine:

Lets go with the horizontal pictures first as I had snap too much of vertical pictures. Im trying something different this time; playing with the background. Please leave some comments so that I can improve more.

Toyota TE71. That's all I knew. Haha.

Love the blue sky.

Seriously Im willing to sell my 808 for this species.

Especially if the car has GL facelift. This one is DX facelift I guess.

F1 side mirror style.

Playing with the background.

Moving on to the vertical pictures. I think it turns out quite good.

Outdoor shoots. Sheesh. It was really hot.

White + Rusty background = Good combination.

Any of these resembled Transformers shot? Hehehe.

That's all folks. Thank you for viewing. There's actually more, but too tired to edit more. Other pictures will be given to the owner. Hehe.

Interested to have a photoshoot? Gimme a call at 012 72 3345 4.


Ann said...

Hey this is my brother's car, si dann!
nice pictures :) :) love it all!

Kevin Luke said...

Hey nice photos i saw it on ZTH as well...

Rosso said...

Thank you guys. Just sharing some photos that I had took.



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