Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Story : Good Money!

Wow!!! is the only word I can say when I was holding this. How much was it? Not much, just RM11k! The rest on the table was the other RM15k+ CASH! IF only I can just ran away while holding this, my Bee would be in great condition already. Naah, keep on dreaming Amar!!!

Basically, just wanna introduce a business that my family had been involved this few months. To be honest, its a network marketing a.k.a the bad Multi Level Marketing. My first reaction when my parents wanted to involved in the business was pretty negative. But they had pushed me and Mok to go to their talk and some business course. So, our view about MLM is getting better and we think it is a good business. Why? I dont have to carry the products and ask people to buy it. Its online business/ webucation.

How much my parents had made so far? In less than 1month, they had collected RM15k+ and they were doing it for fun. Weird eh? Their salary if combined is more than RM30k per months yet they are still doing it. I asked them why and they said they were doing it coz it is an easy money. Mom gonna resign soon coz she is not well (back bone problem) and will do the business full time. Full time? Only 8hours per week. Good eh?

Me? They enrolled me in, but so far Im just their supporter (sending and fetching them from the center, listening and learning their business talk and etc). Im still learning about the business, their system, the methods to approach people and how to answers most of the question from new peoples. And they are giving me RM1k for bodywork. But I think I will keep it for awhile and wait for the business to grow more so that I can take more and do more on Bee. LOL~

Oh, dont worry. Im not going to change my blog to MLM type of blog. Just wanna say, if anyone is interested, here is a good oppurtunity to get some extra RM. You can call my Dad at 012 393 5872 for more infos. Dont worry, he wont bite. Hahaha. Why not I explain it? No no no, if I were going to explain it, I think I will give the wrong infos bout the business.

Anyway, Im going to Melaka tomorrow~ Just wanna go and have some fun with Mok tomorrow coz she will be at Melaka and KL for 1 week. Time to spend more quality time of mine on her rather than to Bee and the business. Goodnight folks~


Anonymous said...

Ask your dad to post instead, kakakaka~!

You're making us all curious now!

jOsh_taKumi86 said...

wahh how the business is???
yea we are more curious now!!!!

hmmm 2molo goin malacca??haha

Rosso said...

Emm, why dont you call him and ask everything that you want.

012 393 5872.

It wont hurt to call :)

Mobilespeed said...

pinjam skit...muehehehe!

Dennis Tan said...

at least you won't need to sell off your bee already lo~ lol~

congtate bro, had to keep that money deeply in your pocket yo~

your bee is waiting~ ^^

Rosso said...

My parents are doing great, but their son?! Didnt do anything yet~ LOL!

Now at the centre.. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only.

KerOLHaruyama said...

waa,interesting business...


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