Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random : First Week in College.

Gosh, first week in the 5th semester. I still need time to fit in after the 3months break. My sleep time had been fixed, my focus need to be reset back, and need to work hard so that I can get a first class diploma. Hehehe. Still 0.5points to achieve it.

So, some updates were:

*Bujur is dead. Just like Bulat, there is simply no reason for the sudden death. Im sad coz I was going to pick him up tomorrow, and pass it to Mok. So, now, only Bobo is the last one. I think Im not good at keepin pets alive. Im not going to buy any pets now. Only if Mok wants, then I can consider it.

*I'll be going to Ipoh this Friday I guess, to cover up the drift event, meeting Tougeking and all of his cool friends, to do some photoshoot for My Rides magazine.

*Today, I cant open Bee's door coz it is stuck on the fender. So, the solution? Remove it. Hahaha.
The fuckin fender replacement is very hard to find. Damn it, I regret rolling it. I think Bee is much cooler without no fender. Hehehe. Now, everyone can see the wide rim and the adjustable. LOL. And, the right front bearing need replacement. Will ask Jaguh and his friend to supervise the replacing process soon.

*Jaguh had a lil accident with his bike. Broken body parts, minor misalignment, big cut here and there, etc. Felt pity to him, but he still manage to laugh around. Kekeke. Sorry to you bro.

*And, burp. Im full. Just had my dinner and time to have some movies. Hehehe.


Da Devil said...

oh..send my regards to jaguh...wish he will recover without fender eh...haha...when i back to kl,find u yumcha...haha

yasin said...

macho siot xde fender... haha

Jaguh said...

Im fine guys.. Just a few cut and bruises.. But its all good now, thanks to everyone that care..

Aiya dude, remove fender?? sure mintak saman nie haha

MOK's said...

amar mmg xmau dgr ckp maa..
what can i do??

jOsh_taKumi86 said...

wah...fuh but semacam bee tu selepas fighting dgn decepticon then cacated the fender...wakkaa


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