Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Story : Super Busy!

Duh, since I received the job offered by My Rides Magazine, my normal life had been stirred up and become super busy with classes and sorting up the pictures I had took. And for this 2weeks, I dont have a single day to rest.

My mind is really stress up now and more stress coz I dont receive yet any payment. Urgh! I really need to buy a few stuffs already. Hargh~

Lets drool some nice food that I had last week. Gosh, this food is super great! Its BBQ Chiken from Korea. Their charboiled menu is the best! Yummy! I wanna go again soon!

And Jaguh had an accident, AGAIN! In 3 weeks also. Damn. This time it is more painful than the last time. Har har har. Sorry for you bro. Rest well and get back in action ASAP!

With his bike that had been painted. Less than 1 week the new paint last. Ouch!

No time to edit and resize all my photos from my recent trip. For now~ I hate 3rd year! Argh~


Da Devil said...

wow...jaguh really had to buang shui...ask him go hav a haircut...seriously...bro,hope u will get well soon

joshua said...

how many times jaguh wanna jadi superman?

what happened this time?

xpitt said...

hehe...aku ada kupon BBQ chicken...beli satu set, free another set...nak?

aku dah puas mkn...keke

Rosso said...

argh, sdpnye..aritu dpt dr kwn ak, abes ak pakai sume..kui3

Jaguh said...

Kazu- I think so la, This month very suei for me, lost lots of thing also.. I got a hair cut dy, Now i dont look like a girl anymore haha..

Josh- This time the front car fault lar, change lane without signaling and dosent check out the rear view mirror.. Tak pasal2 i superman again.. BTW this the last time superman lah.. Going to sold off my bike and use the money to build my car..

Rosso said...

Yay.. Full time driver after this!!


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