Friday, July 17, 2009

Random : LSD/ Full Lock Axle For Bee?


Hmm, Im thinking of buying this particular axle. It is taken from a Mitsubishi Libero. Full lock and the ratio is 3.9. Since it was from a Mazda 808, I'll just need to plug and play it only. The axle is 4inch wider so my Bee will be more wider for rear.

Dunno whether it is a LSD or welding axle. A pro 808 mechanic said that my current axle ratio is 4.1. And Jaguh said that my car cant move very well with 3.9 ratio. Aiyak~ So which one should I listen? Any comment from you guys?


Edgar H said...

>> A pro 808 mechanic said that my current axle ratio is 4.1. And Jaguh said that my car cant move very well with 3.9 ratio.

Assuming both are correct, it now all depends on how torque-y your engine is.

Lower ratio feels more sluggish to accelerate and if u're already feel it lacking on acceleration, then don't upgrade unless u upgrade your engine also.

Lower ratio will get you higher top speed though..

But if it is equipped with LSD, i'd say, why the hell not?!

Rosso said...

From what the pro 808 mechanic said was:

*My current 4speed ratio is quite close.
*By dropping my ratio to 3.9, my 4speed will be much longer before reaching the redline therefore I will gain more top speed since the current ratio is more on pickup.

So it will be most likely 5050 on speed and acceleration.

I think Im takin it tomorrow maybe.

Vince said...

I think you should listen to Jaguh, he is your friend and normally friends will think deeper for you. My also does not have the lsd, it is a pain to drive on normal roads and only work its wonders in the track. I do know there is a lot f people installed the lsd, normally they just do it for bragging rights. I suggest to put your money to the engine as the heart is more critical then the now functional leg :P. Then go and get air fuel meter to check your engine. Then get an e-manage to tune it. Both the A/Fa and e-manage is not car dependent so can be swapped to another car later.

Rosso said...

Carbie car can use E manage?

Overhaul is coming soon, so now Im gathering a few stuffs for drift setup. Hehehehe.

Nevermind, we will be checking out the axle tomorrow and will decide later..

Vince said...

I actually for get it is carbie.... :) and i think don't have ECU..... Sorry.... just drop a B8 turbo in it?

Rosso said...

Kekekke... If Im going to change to injection engine, it will be either miata engine or the 13bt rotor.

For now, will just overhaul and a set of Weber.

stanleycarter said...

Save money for a better engine, for now, the LSD should be hella fun in the wet, remember to take videos!

Dennis Tan said...

3.9 is certainly not for your car bro~
as if i would recommend, you should go for 4.3~4.5 instead looking at your current engine power.

I'm running 4.7 for my 4-throttler you can see ^_^ for more acceleration for (+some drift action, which still really sucks) hohoho~


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