Sunday, July 19, 2009

Story : Shopping!

I just noticed that my blog had been all about Bee and car stuffs. Lol, its time for me to post something else. After Mok and I went to see the axle and engine, we went to Time Square for lunch and window shopping. And of course, there's a few hundreds cash in the wallet. That is for the axle actually.

First, we went to have lunch at the Teppanyaki. After that Mok bought a bag and we went to a skate shop. Im a skateboarder once, and stopped when I entered UTM coz there's nobody wanna play it with me. And I still love skateboarding shoe due to its 'fatness' and the comfortness when walking.

Was just lookin till Mok said this particular model looks good. I tried it and SOLD! I bought it. Kekekeke. Gosh, I love fat shoe.

Can you guess the theme?

And since our anniversary is tomorrow, Mok bought us this! This is our second year together. The date was 20.07.2007, and tomorrow is 20.07.2009.

Some close up. I think the ring is platinum if Im not mistaken and extra care need to be attended all the time. We had 4 rings already! All was silver and this one is quite special.

Quite expensive, and the diamond is behind! Not front. Anyway, thank you dear for buying it! I really appreciate it and thank you for understanding my situation now and all this time!

And finally, we were goofing around the toy shop to looks at the Transformers toy and again, oops! Cant resist the temptation of having one of the coolest character in the movie, Uncle Jetfire! We put some deposit and will have it next week I think. So now I have Optimus, Bumble Bee, Starscream, Megatron, and Skids. And soon, Wheelie and Mudflap.


Faris said...

Es skateboard shoe...aku nk weyh,bg la pinjam

Anonymous said...

appreciate it ok???
I love you!!


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