Saturday, July 4, 2009

Photography : My Bumble Bee.

Nothing special bout the car except a lot of rust especially at the under carriage and the firewall too. Please ignore the car's condition and more on the photography.

C & Care very most welcome.

Typical magazine shots style.

And this one is more on scenery.


And sunset. Model : Jaguh Jambu.

Any comments? Any area should I improve? Etc?

And for those who are interested to do a photo shoot session and interested to be featured on a magazine, please contact me at 012 72 3345 4. We'll arrange a trip if it is outside KL/Selangor trip.

Retro/vintage/olskool monster are the priorities, but other than that also acceptable. The more, the merrier. Coverage for retro events, retro club activity also can be considered.


Vince said...


The Tail lights look damn dashing :), good job. The new rm and the flare did match the car color scheme very good too. From the Out side it is 90/100 marks. But inside can not comment, you know la. If you really like this car that much, would suggest you to restore the interior to original classic look and keep it as retro collection. But if you would intend to drift this car, it might cost you a lot to fix if shit happens. Maybe you should go get a KE70 off zth for cheap just for drift practice and fun.

Faris said...

can your mazda transform to bumblebee?hehehe,nice car..

Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

mmg semat la mar...
seyes dengki ngn ko.... x_X

Rosso said...

Loo, dengki nape?

Rosso said...

Vince, now everyone also said the same thing, dont drift the car, go buy other car. Hahaha. Will keep that in mind. Dont worry.

Faris, ermm, maybe? Who knows. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

now thats what i call,,,,made in malaysia,,,i have a favour could u just add some and if u have a lot of your car collection picture just put all of them,,,if u dont mind to share it us,,,i mean other than your 808 pic,,,could u....????

Rosso said...

I dont have a lot of car collection pics.. Only the best I post here..


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