Saturday, July 18, 2009

Story : Plan B! Or is it plan C? I lost count..

Just came back from the workshop and have a look of the axle. It is welded diff, with a very long dead axle, and it comes with a set of brake disc! Unfortunately, 13' rims cannot be fitted if Im going to take it. The good news is it is very wide, I dont need negative offset rims anymore. And what's funny is if I take the axle, my rear disc will be bigger compare to the front. LOL~

And another thing was an engine offered by Bro Wadi. It came from the Toyota family. 3T something I think. Its 1.8l engine with 5 speed tranny. Taken out from his RX808. Running condition and the price? Half of the overhaul cost. So Im in dillema again. Duh~

Plan A:
*Overhaul the 1.4l engine (RM800-1300).
*Weld the current diff (RM100 - 300).
*Buy Wadi's 808 axle for spare (RM300-400).

Plan B:
*Take the 3T engine (RM400-600).
*Plug in the Libero axle (RM300-450).

Mixed plan:
*Take the 3T engine.
*Weld the current diff.

Plan A will be much expensive for the overhaul cost and I think Im sending the car to Ipoh or maybe to Jaguh, while the axle thingy will be much easier to be done which mean less cost on that. Since the current axle is 4.1, I will gain more acceleration rather than top speed.

While Plan B, the engine will be plug and play and it is cheaper than overhaulin, while the axle thingy, it needs a customize long shaft coupling, a brake pump for the rear disc, and a 3.9 ratio. With the 5 speed gearbox and a much more powerful engine, it will be much better for drifitng I guess. And most important, it will be officially illegal on the road!

Plan C? Still illegal, but less cost for the rear axle thingy..


1 comment:

MOK's said...

overhaul engine with IM RM1200..
weld axle RM50...

hantar kat Ipoh..
lagi mura...


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