Saturday, July 18, 2009

DIY : New Bearing.

Since the weekend is coming, I have set a few plan for Bee. The old bearing had been making a lot of noise lately. So, it needs a replacement, and so thus the naked bodypart need to be covered back with the damaged fender.

I returned home after I finished my class and called Jaguh to come. And since Jaguh is handicapped (LOL!), he was only instructing me and help a lil bit. Talking bout doing it myself make me proud. Har har har. At least I learned about a few stuffs today. What's the point of having a toy car if you didnt try to fix it yourself?

So, lets remove the tyre first.

Remove the inner bolt and the hub.

And its time to remove the bearing. I thought there was only one bearing, and turn out there was 2 of em. Both need to be replace.

We went to the spare part shop and get the new bearings. And I bought a new third brake lamp too.

After everything had been assembled back, Jaguh was doing the wiring and me?

I was painting the inner fender area with antirust paint.

And assembling back the fender. Unfortunately, it does not fit well and you can see the gap. Morale of the story, dont roll you fender unless your car spareparts is plenty. As for me? Where can I find a new set of it? Argh.. Anyway, thanks to Jaguh Autoworks for supervising me today.

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