Sunday, July 26, 2009

DIY : Lowering Block And It Hurts!

Gosh, I was super busy till I totally forgotten bout my blog. With the super stupid P1 Wimax that disconnected every 5 minutes, how da hell I wanna update!? Plus with my tight class schedule, that make it worse. Man, I need a day to rest. It was suppose to be today, a day free from my Bee.

And I had decided not to take the 3T and the Libero axle. The owner want the T50 gearbox that come along with the engine, so it will be more trouble for me to source one soon. And the Libero? Too much stuffs need to be made first before it can be plugged in. Solution?

I bought Wadi's 808 spare axle. Gosh, this particular axle is so rare that I need to have a spare axle if Im going to lock the other one.

The extra leaf. I wish I can fit all of em in my car to stiffen it.

And the reason I bought it? It came with a custom made lowering block and a longer U bolt to hold the leaf.

Mr Jaguh came to help. I really appreciate it. Thanks bro. Still not recover from the accident, and yet he came to help me.

And my brother suddenly wanna help around. So I asked him to loosen up the bolt. Until..

Bam! The leaf stressed out, and my brother's finger was stuck between the leaf and the jack, so I rushed to the clinic. The doctor said maybe his finger was already dislocated, so X Ray needed.

X Ray time. Luckily the doctor is very friendly dude, and so thus the nurse. Hehehe.

The nurse cleaning up the deep cut. Quite hot eh?

And, thanks to Jaguh, the block was fitted by the evening while I was at the clinic.

Done! Right side only.. Left side? Next time~

And if everything goes as I plan, my Bee will be send to Ipoh next week for a major job. I really cant wait for the day!

The workshop's plans are:
*Port & polish
*Up the capacity till 1.6l (Did I said it correctly?)
*Camber & caster
*Weld the axle

And, I hope my budget is enough. Around RM 2k plus. And a full bodywork in Ipoh too maybe if the budget is sufficient. Anyone wanna sponsor me? Hehehe.

p/s -> My blog hits the 10000 views from 100 countries! Yay! I'll try my best to post more interesting stuffs from me and my sorrounding.

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yasin said...

comel gak akak nurse!


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