Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Power of Will Part 1 1/2?

Hehe, just continuing the story from the Part I. Went to Naza World at PJ for a few time already, and they had cut down a few cars from the list. So, left out was the 6 series, Mercedes M class, the new E class, CLS class, Mazda CX9, Toureq (Wrong spelling, I know~), Audi Q7, BMW X5, and the new on the list is the X6.

Even though the price tag is so ridiculous to me, they said they love this one.Monthly installment? A KE70 with 4AGE price tag per month. It is a full spec, which mean the highest spec available in the catalog. Featuring Alpine White color, 20' rims with 10j wide (It does make me drool..), maroon leather, sunroof, reverse camera and the list goes on. With the price tag, one can get a new Nissan GTR which is much better if you asked me compare to this. Hehehe. My own benefit, yes maybe? :P

Anyway, this car packed with 300+ hp and I forgot the torque numbers, and comes with a 3litre engine and also twin turbo. We tested the car today, and when the boost kick in, what I can say that time was "Power power.."

Drawback? Err, maybe a bit 'stiffy' chassis and a bit bumpy. Some said this is a sports car. So maybe that's the reason. Saw on the Internet mentioning about this car is not an SUV, but more to SAC, Sports Activity Coupe. The rear section has a low roof, so a tall dude cant sit happily in the rear seat. And only 2+2 seat, which mean 4person only can sit inside. Cheh.

And that's that. Will update more soon.


Carter said...

If it's only a SAC, why not pick a M5 instead (M5 is a fuckin smoke drifter weiiii~ LOL)? Just a thought, hehe~

Rosso said...

Had been considered, but the roadtax is around RM12k per year.

And the salesman told us if you're not going to drive it fast, dont buy this car as the car is meant to go fast.


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