Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Day with Rolla.

Warning. Long post ahead!

Today, went to Jeembo's Garage in Kajang to check the air conditioning system of Rolla. My early assumption after visiting few air-cond shop was the cooling coil. Which is inside the dash. I know air-cond prob usually gonna cost a bomb to fix it especially when it comes to the compressor, blower and what not. I also bought a used cooling coil from a friend and was hoping that's the only thing I need to replace.

Arrived, and I was greeted with JMG's new car; just arrived yesterday, the AE86 Trueno. Been told that the car had been inside a warehouse for a long long long long time. I'll get to it later.

Anyway, after Rolla was checked, found out that the problem is the condenser, not the cooling coil. The condenser had been smashed by a medium size rock, thus leaking out the gas. Relieved, I guess I just need a new/used condenser to solve my problem BUT since today is  Chinese New Year, all shops were closed, so have to find it from my friends. Hopefully can get it before Friday.

Also asked them to fit in a rubber spoiler taken out of Din's car. Been wanting this spoiler for a long time too. Finally got it. Thanks to Hashim for selling it at me. Time to drill some holes after marking it.

Also while waiting, its time to do the project I had been delaying; the filter for the four-throttle.

Man cleaning out my trumpet from the gasket gum.

Shape the wire mesh and the filter, and sandwich em!

And its done. I do expect some power loss due to air restriction, but the good side? The engine now will breath a cleaner air, thus extending the engine's life. I'll sacrifice some power loss for a longer engine life. When I need some extra power, I'll remove the filter. After test drive the car, yes confirmed there is some power loss; like 1-2hp lost maybe? And, there's no more 'srott' noise. Also thanks to the filter to baffle out the noise. No more growling noise, now the car's sound is similar to Zamil's KE70. A bit too quite to me. Maybe need some time to get use to it.

Feels like wanna talk more bout the AE86, so I guess a new post bout it will be better instead of posting it bulk in here. Anyway, here's Rolla's new look after having some minor surgery:

Looks awkward to me. Will take time to digest the new look and happy with it. It looks better on Din's KE70 rather than on Rolla. Also took my time slowly waxing Rolla while waiting. After few hours of hardworking, Rolla is now whiter than before. Do ignore the black fender. Have no plan to paint it yet.

I'd been looking for this steering wheel. Gotta love em since it is very slippery steering wheel which I love it. Easier to counter steer while going sideways. Not that I hate my OMP suede steering, its just an offset steering wheel is heavier to turn compare to a non offset steering wheel. Plus, mine is non power steering rack, with the offset, camber, and all that, it is very heavy to turn Rolla. Its Nardi Signature I guess. Anyone selling it do tell me ya?

Another thing I wanna share; also been delayed for a few weeks, is my old Hyundai Getz. As you can see, the car was painted with a new color, Honda Championship White just like Rolla too! In this pic, my brother had it lowered again after I swap the OEM coil. LOL. I guess its time for my brother to re-mod it back.

But why it's in new color? My brother had a crash. Duhh. Anyway, the car was in need of a new paint, so why not paint it with another color instead.

Recap; here's Getz while it was with me. Some few years ago. Now gonna re-mod it back to have the same look again. LOL. Need the GTi spoiler, and the eyelid to complete it back.


And here's the last photo the day I de-mod it back to fund my previous Mazda 808.

Later that night, found something inside my cupboard, before that, here's Rolla's current steering wheel.

And now, with a Nardi Classico! :D Few years back I borrowed it from Din, and then the steering went missing, till I found it back today. Guess I am using it for awhile before I found my Nardi. My OMP gonna go into Getz. Again, same steering wheel I used to have inside Getz too except its an imitation of it.

Yea, its a wooden steering wheel. Very classic and not suitable for Rolla. Its just temporary.

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