Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Piping Reroute & De-Lip.

After surviving 1 week plus in the campus, the piping decided to crack at a point because of too much tension when having contact with the hump. Sounds like a rotary engine, but slower than a Myvi. Decided to swirl around in the Skudai area, and arrived at an exhaust shop + workshop. Which happened to be the workshop for JB Drift Club.

A mechanic then helped me to fix the piping. What he did was heating the extractor so that it can be bend more upward and re weld all the exhaust piping so that it get closer to Rolla's floor board. In other word, if you look from side now, you wont see any exhaust piping popping out from the bottom. All you see now is the floor board. Clean.

After the job was done, only then I knew his name. The man who did the job is the one who drove the A31 for Drift Zone JB, Mr. Shairul. A well known group and team member in JB was doing my car. Now that's improvement.

Then, while on the way to Majistreet Court (I will elaborate on this in a very very long writing to tell what happened when the case is settled. Suing people is a lot harder than I thought), there's new road and old road joint on the way to Danga, which I didn't saw it and just cruise on the joint. Which caused?

Rolla's a bit too low for daily usage actually. The front spoiler hit the joint, which caused nothing to the spoiler since it is a FRP. BUT, the lower panel was damaged. You can see how the impact had change the lower panel's shape and it didnt stop there. Even the front grille, and the left headlamp cover were affected too. And to add some spice, the right lower panel screw joint were detached. Need to weld it back to fix it. That bad uh the price I pay for having such low ride. And I wont raise the height back coz tall is lame. HAHA.

As for now, my old lip was sold. Sold to a very close friend of mine. Hope he'll success in his new project. All the best buddy! How bout Rolla? Well, Retro Bodykits which is one of my sponsor for Rolla, will send a new front spoiler which is the latest product of Retro Bodykits.

Some car with the similar front spoiler. Taken out of JNC and Uncle Google.

And finally, something is on the way to JB. I am very skeptical with the function or maybe its me who cant differentiate the difference of a car that does not have an anti-roll bar and a car that have it on the axle. We'll see. But since it is a bargain price tag, I just bought it. Will fit it. Theoretically, it is plug and play since I am using the AE86 LSD, which already have the bracket to hold the ARB.


Da Devil said...

how much u r claiming for?cant claim under small claim tribunal?where?KL?

aa63 said...

wats the diff btw the ol lip and the new lip, frp?can it withstand the impact or u jst rivet it to the lower panel and it dropped off when it was scrap to the ground.

Rosso said...

@Kazu, I went through Majistreet, Civil something. Claim below 2000 only. Unless wanna hire a lawyer for a saman malu or etc. We'll see. Yep, will file it on KL.

@aa63, here's the old design and the new design I'm gonna use:



My old lip had withstand a lot of impact, especially during sideways. Hitting the cone, tire barrier and what not. Still no problem thanks to the FRP. Anyway this is my 3rd lip for the old design I had use. The rest was history on tarmac.

And I just screw it to the lower panel with no bracket or whatever. After the hit, I removed it at the JB High Court. LOLOLOL. Thought of doing it when I was going back, but had done it on the way.

Last time I used the cable tie. So whenever got impact it will simply fall off with small damage.

Da Devil said...

oo..defamation suit,hmm,hope all will be settle as fast as possible,cost and fees for litigation is increasing,fast


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