Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday the 25th.

Okay, other than the court case, tried to comfort myself by doing some works so that I'll be occupied. And after finished my 1st week exam, decided to went back to Mok's house since she's doing some cuppies that people ordered. Fugly without the front spoiler.

And there's some noise that had been bugging me since I bought the rear AE86 adjustable. There's this squeaky noise every time there's movement. I do suspect the bushing would be the problem. So, jacked up Rolla and I was using anything that is available that time.

And the adjustable was removed. Some people were already asking what adjustable is this. This is an adjustable set for the Corolla AE86 by a local company, ACE suspension. Yes it is a coil over. Yes I do not need to use the separate spring and absorber and yes, it is plug and play. Hope it helps.

Upon inspection, found out that the top bushing on the absorber was not on the correct size. It should be fitted nicely not this loose.

I was thinking of putting some grease and hope it will stop the squeaky noise. Until I checked the bushing for the mount. Okay, I am noob. #Fact. So I just think logically and I don't have any automotive experience. And you know what, I don't give a shit. Coz I'm homo.

Here's the absorber bushing. For below the dust cover and on top of the dust cover.

And the top mount bushings. Noticed that the top had two bushings but different in size.

So I just removed the bigger diameter bushing for the top mount and fit everything back. And greased everything necessary. And the squeaking noise is gone now. I am happy again. Anyway, found out that the bottom screw's thread had worn out. Went to a local workshop to have some spare screws. The absorber will pop off (a lot of chances to occur) for sure.Lucky me and hopefully nothing will happen after this.

While the car was still on the jack, I tried this thing. Some sort of tar rubber for the undercarriage. Once it dried, it will become gummy. Act as a anti-rust and also sound deadening.It is very thick and I had to use kerosene to dilute it.

Did the tire arch, and also all undercarriage from front till back. And I am a messy dude after that. I am running 1' spacer on the rear set so that my pussy offset wheels will be pushed more to 'fill' the over fender.

When its done and while I was filling some gas, I noticed that the rear set had gone even lower than before. I am happy with the stance now and also no more scraping hump problem after rerouting the exhaust pipe.

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