Thursday, February 3, 2011

Test Drive : JMG's AE86.

Got a chance to drove out JMG's new addition, the AE86. Kinda a lil excited coz I rarely got a chance to drive the legendary AE86. Basically, KE70 is the AE86 copy, but the fact I got a chance to drive the original Taufoo car, makes it more memorable.Who wouldnt want to drive it, am I right? No matter how bad the car looks like, you still want to have it right? So do I!

Anyway, here's the car. Pretty shitty if you asked me. The car had been sitting idle for many many many many years. Been left inside a warehouse for a long time till rust popped up and there's some spider web inside the engine bay. Overall, this car comes with as much as the original AE86 spec during its era. I mean everything is still intact and functioning, like the rear wiper, the indicator and all that. Comes with digital speedo too. Gotta love the digital display! :D

To prove the car had been idle for this loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, here's the tires manufactured year; guess what? 1986 yawww! The rubber must be as hard as rock now. Surprisingly everything is working.

Here's the interior. All stock except for the full-cage. Love the Nardi. Urghh I want it.

Takumi holder anyone? Lulz. I thought it was only in the comics and movie.
Even my brother had driven the car.
The butt shot before some videos.

Two videos on the same test. One is outside, one is inside. I am no good with video editing software, so I cant combine it. Gotta play it together if wanna see it synchronized. Hehe.

My feedback? The car need a proper fueling system, like the surge tank coz it was suffering from fuel surge badly. Then the engine. Somehow the 16v does not feel as good as my 20v. Tested few 16v, and this one is the slowest 16v I had ever tried. Suspension wise; as expected. Top notch from the 86. Minimal body movement compare to my Rolla. Minimal twist and feels very solid compare to Rolla Just need some stance and boom, its super awesome already.

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Ikram said...

pergh!! that's really nice to have this AE86.


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