Thursday, February 24, 2011


It might be the next project. Minus the RG bumper. Still aiming for the chance to buy it cheaper from unker unker compare to current market around RM300-RM500. Pretty expensive.

Anyway, saw my car when Googling some photos. Yeah, its the white car orange wheels with the preclaimed 200bhp 1.6l 4k; oh no I mean 4A-GE Turbo. Actually, they said the estimated power is around 200max. LOLOLOLOL. Which is what they said. Cant wrote down what people said meh? Which I clearly do not remember claiming it to be 200bhp. Possible? Maybe?

Blacktop? 160hp? Wrong? Yes? On wheel? On flywheel? I don't know. Imma poser remember? But it definitely have more than 50bhp. #Fact.

Shit, Rolla looks nicer back then. Photo as usual, by the PedoSmile Ariff Firdaus.

Anyway, it looks better than yours. Over 9000.


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