Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enche Nardi II.

I'm back home already. Still got a few things needs to be done before Rolla is finally fit and tip top again. The aircond, the alignment, and some fixin should be right. Also an oil change too.

Problem is, I already planned on what should I do one by one. Seems like everything had crashed together now. Earlier, I wanna put on the oil cooler when I change the engine oil. But now, I have the oil cooler, but I still didnt have the hoses and the adaptor. Aircond also still didn't fix. Hmm.

Then, the audio stuffs. Also crashed with my plan to swap some new rubber. And then this and that. Sigh. So many desires yet so little cash. Hmm. And then bought this too:

Anyway, Rolla had been slammed. Now suppa low to me coz I cant pass over every single hump. Front adjuster just 10 loops left, while the rear one had been adjusted till max. Will snap some tomorrow.

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