Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rolla @ JB.

Before I went back to JB, I did sent Rolla to fix the air conditioning system. Anyway, this is Rolla's current height. I already increase the height but still low with the small tires.

And some close up on the new fiber hood.

And the damaged condenser. Slightly twisted and damaged. Cost me RM500 to fix the bloody air conditioning system.

As usual, my average speed on highway with Rolla was 100km/h. Due to high ratio of the diff, 100km/h is at 3300 rev/min. So if I am going to go faster, I am going to waste extra fuel. Stop for my lunch at Wakomo somewhere in the R&R. Pagoh if I am not mistaken. Food is great, but place is filled with flies. Yeah, damn flies.

And arrived safely on my campus. Again, I am very happy and glad to arrived safely with Rolla. I guess the foreman that did the engine had done a very well done job as there is no single hiccup or problem at all since the new engine was in. I am very happy with it.

My coriculum this semester was Pertanian/Agriculture. We have to grow up our own chili and also raise a quail each person. Kinda new to me and I am glad to learn it. Here's my own chili line. Was pouring some quail shit on the soil.

Tried to make some muffin with Mok too.

Today met a friend of mine that bought my turbo 20v. Here's the car now. Nice intercooler hanging out.

And his foreman did a great job. Looks clean and almost wireless. Yeah he do improvise the engine's recipe. Got a chance to drove out the car. FUCK. As good as the old days during with me. I regret ditching this engine. Super good response and wayyy too powerful. He got the correct recipe to have it done. One day when I got some extra money, I'll do the turbo 20v again. Coz it is very fast and AWESUMZ.

Anyway, need to service Rolla. My plan to fit in the oil cooler; I guess I will ditch it coz I think I do not need it. Not interested to mod the engine parts, so I canceled it. Anyone interested with the oil cooler? RM200.

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Stanley Carter said...

You and Mok got back together? Wooo congratz :P


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