Sunday, February 13, 2011

Exhausting Day..

Its happened sometimes when you feels like that the time that you have for one day is not enough. I always experienced it everytime I got back home. Saturday is the only day I can send Rolla to have some repairs or the only time I can spend with it. Always like everything must be done that day coz on Sunday, I must go back to Skudai already. And the worst part of all these, is the waiting game.

So what did I do in 24hours today:

9am : Woke up and prep myself for a long day.
11am : Arrived in Klang with Chung, Mok and my brother. Chung is fixing his car and also I am taking out his audio system.
11.30 am : Send Chung back to his work place at Damansara before returning back to workshop in Klang.
12.30 pm : Foreman and Hashim still not around at the workshop so I went to tire shop to change some new rubber.
3.30 pm : After waiting very patiently, finally my car was done with new rubber, alignment, and balancing. So long meh? YES. Change this and that rubber, some more Rolla was stucked at the shop's ramp coz too low and the problems multiplied.
4.00 pm : Hashim arrived, and finally some work done. Took out all Chung's audio, some instruction on Chung's Corolla on what to be done and this that, looking for my condenser replacement but didn't found one, fixing Chung's radio inside Rolla, and some business transaction with Hashim. I got a new hood.
5.00 pm : Finally went to Sunway Pyramid with Mok and my brother for some ice skating fun. Yeah, they were waiting very patiently also inside Getz all that time.
7.45 pm : Went back to Klang to pick up my car. And went home. Only got new rubber and radio installed. I want the aircond to be fixed :(
8.30 pm : Arrived, clean up myself, and some DIY session. Set Rolla's stance to higher a bit since it was way tooo low. And also put on my new fiber hood with Mok's help.
11.30 pm : Done everything and went to MAEPS coz today was the last drift session ever at MAEPS.
1.30 am : Went to KL for sight seeing and finally went back home.
2.30 am : Arrived, and now I AM TIRED AND MESSY. Huarghh.
4.16 am : Still writing blog.

Urgh, I need more time for one day. How I wish my campus is nearby my house so that I can be with Rolla longer. Anywa, some photos that I snapped today. Chronologically ya..

10am, picking up Mok at her aunty's house nearby. Is this low enough? Hehe.

Tire was rubbing badly.

10.30am. Chung's ride.

1pm. After choosing some options for my new tires. This is quite a rare size. From Japan. Unfortunately both were defect so no choice but to opt a new tires.

2.45pm. Front tires done. 165/55 series. Falken Ziex. Hippari; YES. Looks nice but kinda small and weird. This was a very dumb decision. I should opt 185/60 series instead. Alignment time.

9.30pm. Last look before I increased back the front height. Too low with this new tires. Scrapping hump like mad.

10pm. Chung's audio is mine now. Woofer, CD player, amp, cross over and what not..

10.20pm. Remove my old hood. Anyone interested with my DX hood? RM200. Also my GL hood is up for sale. RM200 also.

Replacement? This one. Finally got one. Thanks to Hashim.

11.40pm. After some drilling work to fit in the hood pin.


Dori Dori said...

I had a same kind of day with you too bro.

Water hose ruptured and car had to be towed. Finding the correct replacement hoses was like treasure hunting. Started in Saturday morning and finally all settled by almost midnight. :P

Rosso said...

Haaa. The worse is waiting game aite. Always like disappointed while waiting..

Amer A. said...

haha style gila " I <3 my piece of junk"


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