Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feng Tau-ed?

Been busy lately so kinda forgotten to update the blog although there's few updates on Rolla. Anyway, its time to change the internal fluid. So my last oil grade was 10-40, and a semi synthetic which should last around 7000km, but I decided to change it after 5000km to keep the engine's at its peak performance and healthy. So there was small losses of oil during the usage, which I suspect the oil being too thin for my 20v. Or maybe it was the gasket or whatever but there's no white smoke coming out. Only black smoke indicating my car's running rich.

This time, I opted for a mineral oil and the grade was 20-50. Yes, a bit too thick but we'll see if there's any losses this time. Also, bought an engine flush to flush out the sludge inside the engine. And lately my LSD do make some noise which some said it is normal for an LSD to make some noise during tight turn at a slow speed. The last LSD oil change was during the competition that I entered around few months ago. I know its still new, but I decided to change the LSD oil too. This time from Toyota brand, which is a Penzoil oil that had been re-brand. Bought all these at a sparepart shop myself to cut some cost.

While waiting for the car to be serviced, I decided to touch up the damaged paint job thanks to the petrol spill.

There, I'd fixed it! 5 minutes touch up.

After that went to an audio shop to have my Feng Tau equipment installed. Cross over, equalizer, amplifier, woofer and a new head unit. All thanks to Chung.

Boom Boom Pow!  Yes, it is removable when I am going sideways
and I am using some stretching rubber to hold it onto the Ultra Racing bar.
The new head unit from Pioneer. The output is nicer than my old cassette player. Now I can enjoy some bass when driving Rolla and no more exhaust sound to accompany me.

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