Monday, June 1, 2009

Photography : Grant Scott's Twins?

Some high resos:

Fail attempts.

3 red KE70? Coincidence?

Typical KE70 or not?


4AGE 16v with 4 throttle, LSD, adjustable, and etc. Dunno what to write. Same spot, same Toyota, same color, and I hope more improvement this time compare to last time shooting here.

Angle inspired by Need For Speed.

Triple Trouble! The left car was snapped here too a few months ago.

Close up.

DX looks great with the front spoiler.

Is it?

HKS GT Racer!

Another fail attempts. Sigh.

Different building now.

Same position, different angle.

Vertical shots.

Went to PICC area too.

That's all~

Conclusion : Night photography is the hardest!


Edgar H said...

Chin spoilers are beautiful on KE70s! Can't wait to finish my Charmant so that i can get it measured for a custom chin spoiler also.

Nice photos Rosso.. What camera would you recommend for professional photography? I heard that Powershot G10s are good. Are they?

Rosso said...

Hmm.. I never went to any photography class and rarely met any other photographer to share experience, and Im only using a Nikon D40, the cheapest in the catalog.

I would suggest Nikon or Canon series only. It is very friendly user, and the aftermarket lenses are available anywhere.

aa63 said...

nice sets of photos u got there, very nice looking ke70

Rosso said...

Thanks for the compliments. Will work out more for another photoshoot session.

F a r i s said...

Nice huh'

robthebastard said...

composition is good..... white balance is all wrong... your problem with a d40 is that they use an older ccd sensor which suffers in low light.... so you have to keep the iso low and use longer shutter speeds.... try closing the aperature a little more and get some really sharp shots.... i would advise using the self timer for this as then you will not have to touch the camera.... meaning you wont wobble it....


Rosso said...

Hi mate..

W/b? I was using 'Flash' mode and finally after a few bad attempt, I changed it to 'Auto' mode. Lol.

I had used some of the methods you have mentioned such as tripod, remote, low ISO, and super slow shutter.

Maybe my aperture setup is wrong. I'll try to experiment more next time.

Thanks for the advice mate!

Joe Langsi said...

boy ker ni

Joe Langsi said...

ini boy puchong ke???

Rosso said...

Emm, kitorang panggil Boy Tetek je.. Boy dok puchong kot?


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