Sunday, November 21, 2010

Experienced : Stripping a Toyota KE70.

Here's some photos during the stripping process. Some asked why the owner wanna scrap the car, and here's the reasons.

*His in-law didnt like the car to be parked on the lot coz it had been there for a long time.
*The body condition is pretty bad. Gonna need at least thousand to restore the chassis.

So how do I met the owner? Initially I just accompany this dude, Wheng Chung (WC)to see this car coz he's getting one soon. The price was RM2000. So I was pretty fishy with the cheap price tag. And we check out the car. Since it is in bad shape, the owner wanna scrap it by next week if nobody's buying the car. So I offered myself to help selling his parts.

The catch for me? I just wanna take some parts that my car doesn't have and some parts such as the fender and hood as my spare parts as these parts are kinda hard to source one nowadays. And pretty fucking expensive too due to its RAREness.

So here goes the stripping process.

WC was quick when removing the parts.I was slow as usual. I don't have any experience while he does. Hehehe.

More parts removed.

So, can it fit into Rolla?

So far so good. And yes, everything fitted in the car.

After the hardwork, we went for a lunch and went to exhaust shop to fit in my new exhaust. Bye-bye loud exhaust! And yes, the exhaust is for sale at RM160. The inlet is 2' and the outlet is 3' I think.

And here's the new exhaust! We all guess its gonna sound very loud, but unfortunately, it is quiet! Noise level reduced up to 40% with this.

Finally Rolla have an air-press. Kinda hot item here and a few already asked me whether I'm selling it for not. Im sorry to let you down, but this time this RARE part is going into Rolla!

For the ending; my hands got cut here and there and it is a very tiring job!

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