Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hari Raya AidilAdha 2010.

So this year, I didn't went back to my aunt's house at Rompin coz I need to accompany my second brother. He's having his SPM this Monday so grounded for awhile. Night before our Aidiladha, a friend of mine who just bought a DX Blackbelt came to my house and we went out for a drink. Just having a Corolla conversation most of the time. Here's a shot of the cars.

DX and DX Blackbelt.

And after that, we went for a mini photoshoot session till 5am in the morning. Just playing around with my 50mm lens while my friend was trying to play around with the flash.
The cameraman.

Flash test.

 Flash boy.
Some shot from me. Urgh, the fucking ugly tall stance and weird 15' and 14' combo. I'll switch to other rims soon.



Happy AildilAdha to all. I didnt go out at all today. Just staying at home and became a good brother. Haha.


Stanley Carter said...

IMO there's absolutely no problem on how your current car looks, stance is perfectly fine and I dig the different sized rim combo.

Rosso said...

Really? Thanks for the compliment thou. Im kinda bored with this set already. Am switching to 15' back. Gonna swap the Riverside. Hehehe.


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